User options and tips are located below the “logout” button below the file section.

Shortcode Builder Settings: Change these

  • Content: Assign to the correct client folder in dropbox
  • Layout: File Browser View > Grid / Thumbnails
  • Advanced: Allow Zip Download toggle on
  • User Permissions: Remove the “anonymous user”

Click Insert Shortcode to save

Remove this block of info – clients don’t need to see this – click the group of text, click 3-dots/options icon – click Remove Block

Remove the “Need Help?” block too

Click Publish in the upper right corner to save and publish

Need help? Watch the Loom Video Walkthru –

Preview, View, Download individual files
• Select one or multiple files by hovering over the top right of the document image and selecting.
• Download zipped folders or individual files by selecting download from the vertical dot navigation

• When done, logout from button on bottom left.
• Optional logout from the menu on the top right.