About Rohde

Rohde Construction, a general contractor, is located in the Grand Rapids area of West Michigan. Rohde Construction specializes in all aspects of multiple-based construction, including multifamily housing, retirement communities, student housing, hotels/motels, national chain outlets, condominiums, and major housing renovation. Rohde is a general contractor, not a builder/developer, and can therefore be a focused advocate for its developer clients.

Rohde is the largest builder of multiple-based construction in Western Michigan, and has historically been among the largest builders of multiple housing in the country. From its base in West Michigan, Rohde constructs projects throughout Michigan, the Midwest, and beyond. In 2013, Rohde’s high bonding capacity, strong financial condition, and 25 years average experience of office/field personnel will provide additional benefits to owners seeking to assemble a strong developer/contractor team.


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